Track B: AI for Agriculture and the Environment

Track B: AI for Agriculture and the Environment


Bertrand Le Saux (ESA)
Roland Lenain (INRAE)
  • Next-Generation Machine Learning for Earth Observation, Bertrand Le Saux
  • Robotics for agriculture, Roland Lenain

Courses & Tutorials

Olivier Bernard (Inria)

Mathias Chouet (Inria)

Dino Ienco (INRAE)

Alexis Joly (Inria)

Odalric-Ambrym Maillard (Inria)

Diego Marcos (Inria)
  • Hybrid modelling of artificial microbial ecosystems for bioenergy production and wastewater treatment, Olivier Bernard
  • Cooperative learning for biodiversity monitoring: how does the Pl@ntNet platform work and how can you use it in your own application? Alexis Joly & Mathias Chouet
  • Reinforcement learning and application to sustainable gardening, Odalric-Ambrym Maillard
  • AI for Earth surface monitoring through satellite image time series data, Diego Marcos & Dino Ienco

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