Track A: Simulation & AI

Track A: Simulation & AI


Stefania Fresca (Politecnico di Milano)
Siddhartha Mishra (ETHZ)
  • Deep learning-based reduced order models for scientific applications, Stefania Fresca
  • Learning operators, Siddhartha Mishra

Courses & Tutorials

Victor Michel Dansac (Inria)

Régis Duvigneau (Inria)

Matthieu Lecce (AI Verse)
  • Numerical schemes for hyperbolic equations enhanced by Scientific Machine Learning, Victor Michel Dansac
  • Physics-informed neural networks for simulation, Régis Duvigneau
  • TBA, Matthieu Lecce


Gaétan Bahl (NXP)

Guillaume Cordonnier (Inria)

Mathieu Desbrun (Inria)

Shai Machnes (Qruise)
  • Applications of AI inference at the edge with NXP processors, Gaétan Bahl
  • Deep learning for fast and efficient glacier modeling, with applications in glacial erosion, Guillaume Cordonnier
  • Super-resolution via AI for fluid simulation, Mathieu Desbrun
  • Qruise: First steps on the path to an ML Physicist, Shai Machnes

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