Track B: AI for Agriculture and the Environment

Track B: AI for Agriculture and the Environment


Next-Generation Machine Learning for Earth ObservationBertrand Le Saux (ESA)

Robotics for agricultureRoland Lenain (INRAe)

The beauty of data – core ingredient for scalable, sustainable crop productionMatthias Nachtmann (BASF)

Courses & Tutorials

Decision support tools in agriculture: machine learning, process-based modelling, digitalization: chosen examples and live practical usePatrick Armengaud (Inria)
Cooperative learning for biodiversity monitoring: how does the Pl@ntNet platform work and how can you use it in your own application?Alexis Joly (Inria)Mathias Chouet (Inria)

Hybrid modelling of artificial microbial ecosystems for bioenergy production and wastewater treatmentOlivier Bernard (Inria)

Reinforcement learning and application to sustainable gardeningOdalric-Ambrym Maillard (Inria)

Robotics for the environmentMax Polzin (EPFL)
AI for Earth surface monitoring through satellite image time series dataDiego Marcos (Inria)Dino Ienco (INRAe)


Video analytics for monitoring biocontrol agentsFrançois Bremond (Inria)Vincent Calcagno (INRAe)

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